The nutritionist told who is not suitable for counting calories and what are the alternatives

Wanting to lose weight, not everyone is ready to carry every crumb on the scales to count the calories eaten. The nutritionist told what simple ways you can improve nutrition and lose weight.

"Counting calories is not suitable for everyone, because not everyone will figure it out right away. For some, using this method means a decrease in the quality of life. There are, of course, its advantages, but there are also disadvantages. Everything needs to be weighed, recorded, it is difficult to eat away from home. It is also not suitable for those who have eating disorders. Their counting turns into a mania," the specialist explains.

The nutritionist recommends using an intuitive approach based on one of the criteria: time, quality of food, its quantity.

In the first case, you can use interval fasting. A person eats for eight hours during the day, forgets about food for the next 16 hours. Other intervals are more suitable for someone: 9/15, 10/14 or 12/12. It is necessary to choose the one that will be comfortable for you.

You can also control your portions: reduce them by about half. Do not forget to put your phone away during meals and turn off the TV. This way you will be able to get enough faster, because you will eat consciously.

Another way is clean nutrition. Choose healthy, low-calorie foods and exclude fatty, fried, sweet, flour and sauces from the diet.

"There are many advantages here: it does not require special knowledge and skills, takes less time, does not focus on nutrition and is more convenient in any situation," the nutritionist commented.

According to the doctor, it is enough for some people to simply "clean up" their diet, minimizing the use of all kinds of snacks (chips, crackers), alcohol, excess sugar.

"Sometimes it also helps to change the nature of cooking: we do not fry in oil, but use a non-stick frying pan, bake, stew and cook food. Also focus on hunger. Do not overeat, do not eat when you are bored or while watching the series. So you can lose weight without counting calories"