The doctor told about the dangers of long intervals between meals

The nutritionist warned that long intervals between meals negatively affect human health.

A dietitian told how dangerous long intervals between meals are for health. According to the expert, the cells of the body need a regular supply of nutrients, including glucose. The maximum period of time for abstinence from food without risk to health is 12 hours. If you do not eat longer, adverse fluctuations in blood glucose begin. According to dietitolg, this is bad for the body, since glucose is the main nutrient for many cells, primarily for brain cells.

She noted that "hungry blood", which contains an insufficient amount of nutrients, can not ensure the proper functioning of the brain.

First, glucose fluctuations provoke mood disturbances, and then organic consequences may occur.

The nutritionist urged not to refuse to eat after six in the evening in order to lose weight. If you do not eat after six until the morning, then a very long period of "hungry blood" will come out.