Weight loss during sleep: how to sleep and burn calories

Losing weight can be a difficult task for some people. A healthy diet and exercise will certainly help you stay fit, but there are a few easier ways to lose weight. By changing your lifestyle a little, you will be able to burn calories faster, even in your sleep.

Sleeping without a blanket

Nothing compares to the feeling of comfort under a huge heavy blanket, but if you want to reduce your waistline, it's better to go to bed without it. When you sleep at lower temperatures, your metabolism accelerates and your body burns more calories. Cool night conditions also increase the amount of useful brown fat, which allows the body to get rid of excess sugar in the blood and lose weight faster.

A long sleep

Counting calories and hours in the gym can certainly help you get the desired figure. But one of the most effective ways to lose extra pounds is just to sleep more. If you think it sounds too simple to be true, it really isn't. An extra hour of sleep every night helps you consume 270 fewer calories a day effortlessly.

Protein shake before bedtime

People who want to lose weight are ready to try all kinds of diets, which can be quite difficult for the body. Going to bed on an empty stomach, you will not be able to sleep at night, and lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. There are many healthy and nutritious snacks that you can eat before going to bed, and a protein shake is one of them. Since protein is more caloric than carbohydrates or fats, it causes the body to burn more calories by digesting them during sleep.

Sleep Mask

Exposure to light at night not only disrupts sleep, but can also cause your body to accumulate more fat. People who sleep in the dark are 21% less likely to be obese than those who sleep in brighter rooms. If it can't be completely dark in your bedroom, choose a comfortable good quality sleep mask that can provide complete darkness at any time of the day.

Don't go to bed hungry

While eating fewer calories will lead to weight loss, skipping dinner can have unpleasant consequences. When you drastically reduce your calorie intake, your body automatically goes into starvation mode and lowers your metabolism to conserve calories.

A small snack before going to bed

Following the above, you should not go to bed hungry, but sleeping on a full stomach is bad for your figure. Instead of a hearty dinner, choose a small, healthy and nutritious snack to avoid overeating and improve night sleep.