How to lose weight without exhausting diets: 10 recommendations

The nutritionist explained what is dangerous for the body to lose weight quickly, and also gave advice on how not only to lose excess weight, but also to keep the figure in shape for a long time. Some of them are familiar to everyone, others can become a real discovery for losing weight.

Realize the problem

Weight loss should be consistent. So, first you need to realize the very problem of being overweight, as well as what it threatens. After that, a person needs to understand whether he really wants to get rid of extra pounds.

— Weight gain is slow, the brain is gradually reprogrammed, gets used to a new image and begins to perceive extra pounds as normal. And only a psychological reboot of the subconscious mind can help you accept yourself in a new way, that is, slim," the nutritionist noted. — Psychology plays a huge role. Because if you can do it in your head, then it's quite real in life.

Realize the problem for weight loss

Find motivation

One of the key factors that will help you lose weight is motivation. Everyone should clearly understand why he needs to lose weight, and also what he will benefit from it.

— If the weight does not decrease, then either the motive is weak, or a specific motivation for a person is incorrectly formulated. Without motivation, no matter what kind of diet a person follows, he will not keep it. And very often the motivation "for health" does not work. Weight loss works much more effectively, for example, for a smaller skirt. Also, all lovers easily lose weight, because they clearly understand why they need it. And just like that, to be healthy is not motivation.

Take your time

What you definitely shouldn't do in pursuit of less weight is to hurry. Often it is haste that becomes a stumbling block when losing weight. And here's why:

— Everyone wants everything to be simple, fast. And when it does not work out in a month, for example, to bring yourself to the desired norm, you give up. At the same time, you should not look for excuses. You need to understand that no one is to blame for your overweight, except you. Only you have eaten it and only you can fix it.

Love what you do

It is equally important that you like everything you do. Otherwise, it will simply not be possible to achieve the desired result.

— It is impossible to do something completely unloved by force. Let's say a person doesn't like vegetables. By force, he will not be able to eat them. It is necessary to take these points into account.

Consult a doctor nutritionist for weightloss

Consult a doctor

Every person, before starting to lose weight, needs to make sure that he does not have any diseases that would contribute to gaining extra pounds.

— It can be diabetes mellitus, it can be hypothyroidism. That is, these conditions must first be identified, treated, make some kind of correction, and then reduce weight. Because if a person has hypothyroidism, that is, a slow metabolism, then no matter how hard he tries to lose weight, the weight will not go away normally. Therefore, it is necessary to visit a doctor.

Normalize the diet

— As for more, so to speak, classical recommendations, it is worth removing constant snacking, establishing a regular three-four-day diet, as well as intervals of at least three to four hours between meals. The ideal break between dinner and breakfast should be at least 12-14 hours.

Don't confuse thirst with hunger

People often confuse thirst with hunger. However, it's worth drinking a glass of water and eating right away. That's why:

"Because it was thirst, not hunger. At the same time, it is best to drink warm water in drainage mode, that is, in small portions, a few sips every 7-10 minutes. It is not necessary to drink glasses. It is much more effective to drink this liquid slowly. It will be much better for metabolism, — the nutritionist emphasized. — The standard recommendation for water is 30 milliliters per 1 kilogram of body weight, or 1 milliliter of water per 1 kilocalory of the diet. Approximately one and a half liters per person per day. And we are talking about either water or some kind of liquid in the form of unsweetened green tea. Not about soup or soda.

Diversify your diet for weightloss

Diversify your diet

Another banal, but still recommendation, is the advice to diversify the diet. In order for the food to saturate better, food with a volume of about 400 grams must necessarily contain low-calorie and fiber-rich colorful vegetables and greens. And not only.

— Ideally, half a serving should consist of vegetables and herbs. There must be protein: fish, meat, chicken, seafood or eggs. And necessarily polyunsaturated fats — olive, linseed and other vegetable oils. There is no way to do without them, they are extremely important," the nutritionist added.

Eat slower

In the modern world, people are often in a hurry about everything. The same applies to eating. However, this should not be done, because speed has a bad effect on weight loss.

— Food should be chewed well. The fact is that digestion begins in the oral cavity. And by preparing a food lump in the oral cavity, we contribute to normal digestion in the future, — said the nutritionist. — There is no need to hurry at all. We eat very quickly and do not have time to get enough, in five minutes we can eat a very large portion. If you eat this portion for a long time, at least 20 minutes, then the meal will be much healthier. There will be the enjoyment of food. When we eat everything quickly, we don't understand what happened at all.

Give up harmful foods and alcohol

This is perhaps one of the most well-known tips to many people, which few people follow. And in vain, because it is harmful products that often contribute to weight gain. However, it is not worth giving up everything. The consumption of some goodies should simply be minimized.

— It is necessary to exclude or minimize the consumption of products with a high glycemic index, that is, starchy vegetables, sugar, pastries, confectionery, as well as semi-finished products. What is in the latter is generally unclear. It is also necessary to exclude canned foods — they contain a lot of salt or sugar. Carbonated sugary drinks are also banned for the same reason," the nutritionist said. — You need to give up alcohol. The fact is that it stimulates the appetite and disinhibits, which is why you can easily deviate from your principles.

Give up harmful foods and alcohol for weight loss

If you follow all these rules at the time of weight loss, and quite strictly, then the effect, of course, will not take long. However, the most important thing is not to achieve the desired volumes, but to preserve the result.

— It is necessary to change the way of life. That is, everything that you did during the weight loss period, you need to continue to do to maintain it. Because it's easy enough to lose weight, but keeping it is much more difficult. You need to understand that you really need to be at this weight. Therefore, if you have changed your lifestyle, then continue to follow it," the nutritionist summed up.