How Many Calories Do I Need To Lose Weight?

People sometimes face a problem of the excess weight and understand that they have to change something. So they start visiting gyms, doing sports and eating healthy food. Then they usually ask their coaches one thing: "how many calories do I need now to lose my weight?", this is a good question. Its answer initiates a new page in a person's life. Now the plan of the further work is clear.

Calorie calculator's help

This online calculator is popular among many dieters. The simple procedure of inputting personal data can tell the number of calories for different conditions of your body. For holding weight there is a certain BMR (the one's metabolic rate) level that helps all the systems in our organism to function well: the scales will show the same number every day. The information about the way of your life changes this range: the calculator increases the amount of energy used to support and power your body for everyday activity. And it can add or subtract the number of calories to change weight. You must write your height (tall people should receive more), weight, gender (usually men demand more), age.

Why does it matter

Calories show the quantity of energy that we receive from products: meals and drinks. "On how many calories do I need to eat every day to lose weight depends my whole ration," tells the coach and explains that the accurate amount of nutrition per day controls the diet, plans the menu. Our body needs energy even during rest: we breathe, our brain works. And if we burn more calories than we get, we can slim down easily. The right food must be filling, keep you full, not hungry. Carbohydrates should be included into the menu for giving energy. Protein is needed every day: cheese, eggs. It is called the king of nutrients. Fats are important too, but only healthy ones. Fruits and vegetables are good not just for our slim body, but for our health in general. It is better when the portions become smaller. Fresh air and enough rest will also help.

FAQs for dieters

These most common questions are always asked by newbies. So this FAQs for dieters can help.

  1. "Tell me, how many calories do I usually need to eat to lose weight smoothly?"
    First you should calculate your range for keeping your weight. Then this amount must be reduced by about 200 calories. The kilograms will disappear slowly, but this way won't be harmful. When this amount becomes your calorie range - you can reduce it again.
  2. "Can I eat everything while being in my calorie range?"
    Of course you will lose weight, but if you choose the wrong food - it can be harmful. The energy from sugar and unhealthy fats has empty calories, they don't give nutritional elements to our body. And when you compare a bar of chocolate with a bowl of cereal, you see the difference and choose better meals.
  3. "Explain please, how many calories do I need to burn a day or during training to lose weight quickly?"
    Physical activities always fight with fat, if we lose more then we get - we always slim down. But the distinction shouldn't be very big: 200-400 calories will be all right. And during the work in the gym we lose about 400 calories. Sport must be taken into account when you calculate the calorie range.

And to learn the exact number you can use the calculator. Just add the information about yourself.

Sports and other activities

While burning more calories we can effort more food this time. Or it will help us alim down quickly. By all means the questions like "how many calories do I often need to burn a day to lose weight?" can be answered exactly only after the calculating the normal consumption of energy per day. Our muscles need resources for building new connections, becoming stronger. That's why we mustn't starve and burn too much. You can add easy activities like going up the stairs, walking instead of driving a car, jogging in the morning.

Healthy lifestyle is good for slim body and our state of health. Correct meals and much activities always help to become shapely properly. And the calculator can tell the daily calories, count the number of them for your targets. Now the questions like "how many calories do I need to receive to lose weight?" are not unclear.