How to program your psyche to lose weight

Experts have long agreed that losing excess weight helps not only diet and exercise, but also the right motivation. Sometimes, in order to achieve the perfect figure, you need to go a long enough way not to lose your way, you need the right attitude.

Do not scold, but praise

If you have gained a little extra, you do not need to blame yourself for it and torture yourself, says a psychologist and stress expert. It just happened, and it doesn't matter for what reason. But when you decide to change yourself, you should understand that it will change your whole life. Learn to praise yourself for small victories, and most importantly – find something in yourself that no one else has. For example, smile, skin quality, hair, eyes, legs, chest, waist, body proportions… You can find so many good things!

Not to lose weight, but to lead a healthy lifestyle

That's what the task should be for you. So, a healthy lifestyle should become your daily routine. Be sure, in addition to physical exercises, make it a rule:

  • walk 10 thousand steps every day for 30 days;
  • go down and up the stairs;
  • attend the gym twice a week;
  • less sugar and flour more vegetables with each meal;
  • drink enough water every day.

– You do not need to start following these rules from the first day, start with the simplest, achievable goal. And then "pull up" other healthy habits to it, — the expert recommends.