Five Unusual Ways to burn Calories

Have you often heard a phrase from a friend (or maybe you said it yourself): "Well, I ate an extra bun… Now there is still half an hour of exercise in the gym"? If yes, then you know firsthand what calorie counting is and what kinds of sports contribute to their more intensive burning. And what to do if there is no time for an extra half hour of classes? Now the bun will be deposited in the "stocks for the future"? Not at all! There are many pleasant and, most importantly, easy ways to burn calories, which you will learn about from our article.

Good mood is the key to effective weight loss

So, Professor Maciej S. Buchowski from the American Vanderbilt University, after conducting an experiment with volunteer students, discovered an amazing fact. It turns out that laughter is a very energy–consuming process, during which the heart rate accelerates and, consequently, the metabolism increases. Laugh heartily for just 10 minutes – and you will "burn" about 40 kcal without any problems. However, keep in mind: laughter must necessarily be sincere. So turn on your favorite comedy – and lose weight with pleasure!

Singing in the shower – it would seem that what could be easier? And even such an action will allow you to get rid of about 20 kcal, or even more – if you sing loudly and with feeling. And if you are a karaoke lover - then hold on, calories!

Love each other!

Burn calories will help.. kisses. Kissing for only half a minute, you can burn about 3 calories, and if you kiss passionately and for a long time, then all 30. The thing is that when kissing, the heart rate increases, the blood flow increases, the cells are more actively supplied with oxygen – chemical reactions such as fat oxidation. They do not keep you waiting.

Hugs will also help you lose weight. "Hugging" for an hour will help get rid of 50-70 calories. Correspondence with your loved one via SMS within an hour will help to burn 40 kcal. with But most calories are burned, of course, when having sex. 20-30 minutes of sex – and 200 kcal as never happened. Such a pleasant weight loss can easily replace 20 minutes of exercise on an exercise bike or on a treadmill!

Breathe deeply!

Losing weight with the help of bodyflex – special breathing exercises – is now commonplace. From which it can be concluded that the deeper you breathe, the more calories your body will spend, because during deep breathing, cells are better supplied with oxygen, and metabolism improves. The main thing here is to breathe properly, that is, "Breathe with your stomach", and not with your chest, so that the whole body is supplied with oxygen in full.

Work is not a wolf…

It is difficult to call work in the office physically difficult, but calories can be spent here unnoticed. Working sitting you burn about 65 kcal per hour. Add to this the active writing of emails – and 130 calories per hour is gone. Discussing current affairs with a colleague on the phone will save you from 50 calories per hour, and if you talk on the phone standing up, you will spend almost one and a half times more. And finally, the simplest way to get rid of extra calories, or rather, not to gain them, is to replace the seagulls with a chocolate bar with a nutritious and delicious bar.

Sleep is the best solution if there are no other solutions

Perhaps the easiest way to spend extra calories is to go to sleep. Just imagine 8 hours (in an ideal scenario, of course), you do not eat, do not drink, and the body is functioning! Therefore, during sleep – this imaginary state of inactivity – the body spends up to 60 kcal per hour on maintaining all its functions (breathing, metabolism, maintaining normal body temperature)! If you sleep in a negligee, then the amount of calories spent will noticeably increase, since the body needs to spend more energy on heating the body. But lack of sleep significantly slows down the metabolism, and therefore go to bed on time!