Weight loss of Neil Ruddock

Neil Ruddock was born on 9th of May. He is 50 years old. Neil Ruddock is a professional soccer and football player, television personality and talanted actor. As a good and well known footballer, he played as a central, main defender. Neil Ruddock was also voted the 17th hardest and greatest footballer ever.

Neil Ruddock was gained the nickname "Razor" by his teammates, in the honor of the boxer Donovan Ruddock. In 1998 made constant step and moved to West Ham, where Neil Ruddock played in many different games and had real success. He did many goals. He has many awards and honors. He loves his job as a footballer and football in itself very much.

Neil Ruddock is an actor, as well. He participated in TV shows and on serials, as well. Many of his TV shows and serials were associated with football and with soccer.

Neil Razor Ruddock weight loss

Weight loss of Neil Ruddock

Neil Ruddock was known to the entire world with his much weight. Razor Ruddock weight loss shocked the world. Just after being participated in " Harry's Heroes" Razor Ruddock made a vow to fight against his much weight. He is a person of great and strong will. Neil "Razor" Ruddock has vowed to come back to his shape soon, just after getting a health scare during "Harry's Hetoes". He is very strong personality. He struggled to keep very healthy diet. A family cruise, which they had, also brought difficulties to him. Ruddock failed to resist the drink and food, while being situated on board. He made many posts on social networks saying that he could not even eat a small egg anymore, because of having weight problems. He only lost a kilo during the 12 week challenge.

After attending many doctors, Neil with his loving wife told that there was a great necessity to change his lifestyle completely or he would risk a heart attack. It was time to hit his weight problems, which being headed on. Before Neil Ruddock weight loss, he completely lost himself. It was like he was in a great hole and could not get out of it. Overeating and no ability of controlling, it was the worst addiction on the entire world. He stated to behave very active and healthy way of life. Neil Ruddock started to eat healthy food, he went to fitness and he had a great support from his family. He made sport be part of his life. He had great support from his fans, as well. Fitness and strict diet routines was the great secret of Neil Razor Ruddock weight loss.

Neil Ruddock thanked everybody, who made him strong and encouraged him every time, during those hard times. He did many different posts on social network saying "Thanks" to everybody. He proved that everything is possible in this world only with the presence of great, strong will and in the presence of big desire of doing something. He stimulated and motivated everybody around. Neil made a move and changed his lifestyle completely. He claimed to those people who had the same wishes and goals that never to be afraid, as nobody was alone in this whole world. Always will be a person to give helping hand.