Monica Bellucci's Diet: how to stay slim at 50+

The celebrity likes to eat delicious food and sleep longer, and also can't stand intense workouts. How does she manage to stay in shape?

58-year-old actress Monica Bellucci drives fans crazy, emphasizing the dignity of the figure with tight dresses. Internet users dream of finding out how celebrities manage to keep fit. Surely many people think that she starts her morning with intense workouts and limits her diet, but this is not so!


The beautiful Italian woman loves pasta and chocolate - this is something she can't give up even for the sake of a perfect figure. Monica does not fixate on her body, but she monitors her health, so she always controls what is on her plate.

The actress eats whatever she wants, as restrictions only increase desire. However, she tries not to overdo it and monitors the portion size. The celebrity finishes the meal as soon as the feeling of satiety sets in.

Monica always keeps a bottle of water on hand to quench her thirst in time. She tries to drink a lot of fluids, because it has a positive effect on the functioning of the body.

Bellucci believes that fasting is ineffective if you want to lose weight and keep it. When an actress needs to lose weight for a role, she begins to be stricter about her diet, leaving mostly only meat, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits in it. However, even at such moments, the star can not refuse spaghetti and sometimes cooks them for dinner with grated cheese or with tomatoes and herbs.

Monica likes to add olive oil to dishes, but she uses it not only in the kitchen — the actress uses this product as a hair mask after shampooing. Judging by the luxurious hair of the star, this life hack works.

Monica Bellucci Diet Food how to stay slim at 50


Monica Bellucci does not hide that she does not like intense strength training. "It is simply impossible to combine going to the gym with my lifestyle. Get up at 5 in the morning to start studying at 6 o'clock? No way! Instead of going to the gym, I wear black — it's much more practical and pleasant," the actress once said. And this is not a joke! The star really often goes out in tight dresses of this color.

However, sports are not excluded from the schedule of the star. She loves to swim and tries to go to the pool several times a week to keep fit. Monica also does Pilates and yoga, which helps to get rid of stress and better control her emotions.

Monica Bellucci Diet Sport how to stay slim at 50