Emily Simpson RHOC weight loss photos 2020

Emily Simpson has very open about her fitness journey with trainer Paulina Taylor Hefferan over the past year: She's let us in on her high-energy beach workouts, morning cardio sessions, and her eating habits. In a June Instagram post, Simpson wrote that working with Hefferan was, "the best decision I’ve made for myself," before she added, "Not only have I lost significant body fat and several inches, but I’ve gained a newfound [sic] acceptance of my body." Recently, Emily took to Instagram to share an update on her progress and her future plans. Along with a photo of herself looking as fit as ever, Emily wrote, "It’s been a JOURNEY to get to this point right here. Ups and downs. Gains and losses". "Currently 16 pounds down. Body fat percentage 10 percent lower than last year. And no longer categorized as 'obese,' " she added. "There’s no right way to start. There’s no magic plan or magic pill. You just have to dig deep and make yourself a priority."

Emily Simpson RHOC loss weight

Emily's struggle with her weight was addressed during the last season of RHOC. The reality favorite revealed she had struggled with weight gain due to chronic pain from arthritis.

Emily underwent hip surgery on October 28 2019, and has battled depression after the severe pain from her condition left her “completely unmotivated”.

The RHOC star made amazing progress after enlisting the help of trainer Paulina Taylor Hefferan to get in shape.

Emily said: “I was in chronic pain, I was depressed and I weighed more than I ever have in my whole life!"

How much did Emily weight on RHOC?

“I’ll be honest with you, I have not weighed myself in probably eight or nine months because I just, I don’t want to know,” the 43-year-old reality star told costars Tamra and Eddie Judge at their gym, CUT Fitness, during the episode. “I’ve been avoiding knowing any of this information. I’ve just been living in denial. I don’t know if I want to know.” After Eddie printed out a report detailing Emily’s total fat and muscle, he revealed she weighs 191 lbs.

Did Emily lose weight on Rhoc?

The 44-year-old reality television star says she's implemented a drastic lifestyle change over the past few months.

Rightfully proud of achieving her health goals, the Bravolebrity has shared the details of her 16-pound weight loss. "Currently 16 pounds down. Body fat percentage 10% lower than last year. And no longer categorized as 'obese.'

Emily also answered a question from a fan in her Instagram Story about how her face got slimmer. In her answer, she pointed out that she lost about 11% of her body fat but denied that she had any surgery. “I do get Botox and a little filler around my eyes because I have deep circles, but I’ve been doing that since my early 30s,” she wrote.

Emily Simpson weight loss in 2020

She isn’t letting those quarantine snacks sabotage her weight loss goals! The Bravo star explained, “Well, yesterday my plan was to eat healthy, but then my in-laws dropped off pizza, so I had pizza. So there was that. But then I felt so guilty I ate pizza that I did like three sets of squats, and then shoulder presses, and push-ups and I did a whole bunch of working out, too.” Emily confessed, “I feel like I’m okay with eating the snacks during the day or not eating as healthy because I am consistently working out almost every day and being active.” However, the lawyer confessed, “I really honestly don’t weigh myself very often and I definitely don’t want to do it during this quarantine period because I’ve been eating more than normal, which I think probably the population is in the same boat. But I have stayed really active because my trainer makes me work out with her.”

Emily Simpson rhoc weight loss before and after photos 2020

Emily Simpson personal life

Emily and Shane Simpson have been married for more than eleven years now. The two tied the knot on February 14, 2009, and have been married ever since. Not only do they have three children together, but they are also the parents to 2 of Shane’s older daughters from his previous marriage. Both Emily and Shane have said that they are determined to raise all five of them in a stable and loving home so as to ensure that they become the best possible versions of themselves.

2019 was one such tough year for the married couple. Shane, a lawyer who was able to practice law in Utah before he moved to California, failed the bar exam for the fourth time in this state, following which his conversations with his wife, Emily, who is a successful, working, copyright lawyer, became tense and came off as resentful. The pair were both devastated when Shane didn’t pass even after working so hard, but his attitude put a lot of strain on their relationship. Furthermore, he even began mocking her diet and lifestyle when Emily was trying to lose weight after gaining around 20 lbs in eight months. His sarcastic comments and jokes were always at her expense, and on the show, although she was resolute about what she wanted for her body, it seemed like she couldn’t make her mind up about what she wanted from her relationship with her husband.

Many people wonder: Is Emily still married to Shane?

Yes! The couple is still together and is stronger than ever. After Emily underwent a hip replacement surgery last year to better her mobility and ease her pain, her relationship with her husband became a lot better. Not only was he supportive of her throughout the process, but he also took over taking care of all their children.

Are Gina and Emily Simpson still friends?

Despite their rocky patch, Emily said she and Gina are “good” today. But, that isn’t to say there’s not more drama on the way.

“Gina and I really care about each other and really have a real friendship. So regardless of the ups and downs, I feel like we can always come back to that place where we really bonded and really cared about each other,” Emily noted. “I think it’s always there. I think we just had to go through these ups and downs to come back to that.”

As for Emily’s relationships with her other co-stars, she’s confused about the way in which they accused her of not being open, all while talking badly about her behind her back.

“To have a conversation saying, ‘You’re not open. You’re not sharing information with us.’ It’s like, ‘Well, first of all, you have me blocked on Instagram and you don’t ever talk to me," she shared.

Emily Simpson rhoc still married to Shane

  • Did Emily lose weight on Rhoc? - Yes, Emily lost weight on The Real Housewives of Orange County.
  • How much did Emily weigh on Rhoc? - Emily weighed about 190 pounds on The Real Housewives of Orange County.
  • Is Emily still married to Shane? - Yes! The couple is still together and is stronger than ever.
  • Are Gina and Emily still friends? - Gina and Emily really care about each other and really have a real friendship.