Charlotte Crosby: The secret of incredible 20 kilo weight loss

After shedding 20 kilos and keeping it off, Charlotte Crosby has revealed her secret weight loss weapon is a ten calorie pot of jelly.

Charlotte has been praising her favourite brand of the diet snack, Hartley's 10 Calorie Jelly Pots, to her Instagram followers this week and says she takes it 'everywhere'.

'I carry them around with me everywhere I go. Only 10 calories in each pot you can't really go wrong,' the beauty captioned an image in which she poses with the snack.

Before and after: Charlotte has flaunted her weight loss to her Instagram followers

The Just The Tattoo Of Us star recently posted a video to Instagram in which she shows of the snack.

She captioned the video, 'The only thing I'm wobbling is my @hartleys.jelly'.

In a recent interview, Charlotte said her top tip was allowing herself a small treat, which is where the jelly comes in. (Hartleys Jelly calories)

'Be realistic with your diet, rather than just avoiding sugar all together. Which, lets face it is far too hard and we all end up caving in the end,' she tells.

The former Geordie Shore star added, 'Why not just find something that is just as yummy but kinder on the hips. I found this jelly, it is 10 calories and it is so good.' This is the find and its name Charlotte Crosby weight loss diet.

Charlotte, 26, is such a big fan of the sweet treats she has even starred in a campaign for Hartley's jelly.

Sexy Charlotte Crosby body after weight loss diet

'They have only 10 calories in them and they satisfy that sweet craving, you also don't get the guilty feeling after,' she says in a video for the brand.

She adds: 'You also need to be realistic and allow yourself cheat days because being really strict on yourself is just no fun.'

The British beauty star told that she used to drink 'a pint of Baileys' and added 'loads of salt' and 'a whole thing of cheese' on top of her favourite Carbonara pasta.

She's since lost 20 kilos with diet and exercise (as she calls it herself Charlotte Crosby weight loss diet :)), swapping out Baileys for vodka and gin and dumping chips for popcorn or wedges.

Charlotte also told she currently weighs 59 kilos and wears a size 8-10, down from a size 16.

Skinny body Charlotte Crosby weight loss diet