Salad - Simple Trick To Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, ditch those starters and reach for a bowl of salad instead. No weight loss diet is complete without a perfect diet plan. And no perfect diet plan is complete without a generous helping of fibre. Often in our attempt to lose weight, we ignore the importance of eating right and including healthy soluble and insoluble fibres in our diet. Why fibre? For starters, fibres are calorie efficient. This means that it can promote satiety without adding too much to your calorie intake. But some high-fibre foods like carrots and celery can also supply negative calories. In many countries, it is tradition to start meals with a platter of salad. Even in India, many households serve cut veggies like beets, onions, carrots, tomatoes and cucumber in the beginning of the meal to prepare you for the main course. But it turns out that this could be a great step towards weight loss.

For weight loss to happen, it is important to bring down the energy intake. One way to go about with that is to reduce the intake of calorie dense foods and have more foods that are energy efficient. There have been multiple studies in the past that suggested eating low-energy density foods like soups, salads or fruit with meals to reduce the calorific intake. But it was unclear whether it should be taken during meals, after meals or before meals. A study "Salad and satiety: the effect of timing of salad consumption on meal energy intake" conducted in 2013 and published in the Appetite journal puts that conundrum to rest.

The study confirmed that eating low-energy-dense foods such as salads BEFORE meal can help you reduce your caloric intake. The scientists who conducted the study suggest that you have soups or salads as the first course instead of starters. This move alone could control your overeating by 23 percent! Fill up on fibre-rich veggies and soups to ensure you don’t overeat. Follow this tip during every meal. Apart from weight loss, you can rid yourself of digestive issues like constipation and benefit from the micronutrients fresh veggie provide. Also, don’t forget to add oil in your salads to boost its nutritional benefits.