James Harden: less weight, more strength

Modern fans know James Harden as a key figure in the Houston Rockets. Therefore, it is not surprising that when some changes happen to him, it is immediately noticed by the most attentive fans of the team. Over the past few weeks, most of the social resources have presented photos of the athlete, where James Harden weight loss and began to look much slimmer than usual. But is it so disturbing for the future sporting results of this famous player? No, it is not, - at least the leading executive manager of the Houston Rockets is absolutely sure of that. Daryl Morey is confident that James Harden no beard is still in perfect athletic shape and future matches with his participation have excellent prospects.

But not everyone thinks the way Daryl Morey does. Many fans are seriously concerned about James Harden weight loss. People actively share their thoughts on Instagram and other social portals. Special attention was drawn to this issue by the publication of a photo of an athlete from a sport training camp. This image flew around the web in a few days and was seen by several million fans of the Houston Rockets team. The photo went viral and even added more excitement of fans of the sports team about the weight of the famous NBA player. Even Lakers leader Lebron James texted his comments about future Houston Rockets games involving James Harden weight loss.

James Harden weight loss

Noting, that the next game with the Houston Rockets is scheduled on July 2020. Now all the athletes are actively preparing for the upcoming events and bring their physical shapes to the best form. Team members work with Kevin Hart, they spin hoops, swim in the pool and constantly train. All this confirms the fact that the players, including James Harden are putting a lot of effort and energy to show their best abilities on the playground in future July events. The team has not participated in matches for 7 weeks, which means that they will soon have to perform well to once again confirm the title of Champions.

Each athlete has a well-established training mode, which causes the best affects of the physical form of the athlete. James Harden no beard also trains hard, even during breaks and non-matches periods.

Today, many players comment Harden's image on social media. To be honest, it is understandably, because before James was a very large athlete with really cool muscles and an impressive weight. And today he looks much thinner. But the athlete himself, as well as the coach, do not believe that it is a problem. On the contrary, they are confident that now James Harden will play even better than before.

At this point in time, the NBA is going to hold matches of the leading sports leagues again. Approximately, this will happen in July of this year. By this time, James Harden no beard will obviously be even more prepared and will surely surprise the fans with great results in the game. Also, many fans expect a successful execution from Westbrook, who in the past has repeatedly helped the team to become leaders on the playground, as well as a great player of all times - Lebron James.