Eating mushroom helps weight loss, study says

Those wanting to lose weight may want to include mushroom in their diet. A study published in the journal Appetite’s October issue discovered that mushrooms can provide a similar satiating effect to meat when protein levels are matched.

According to EurekAlert! website, the study aimed to measure the difference in satiety between 226 grams of white button mushrooms and 28 grams of meat in a randomized crossover study.

Joanne Slavin PhD. RD., the study’s author and a professor at the University of Minnesota, said, “Previous studies on mushrooms suggest that they can be more satiating than meat; this effect had not been studied with protein-matched amounts until now.”

For 10 days, the 17 women and 15 men who participated in the study were given two servings of sliced-mushroom or 93 percent lean/7 percent of fat ground beef meat. In regard to the portions, the sizes had similar protein and calorie counts.

The research found that those consuming a mushroom-rich breakfast experienced less hunger, greater fullness and decreased prospective consumption compared to those eating meat, showing a significant difference in satiety ratings.

"This new study adds to a growing body of evidence that suggests mushrooms may aid weight management and satiety, and thus contribute to overall wellness," said Mary Jo Feeney, the nutrition research coordinator of Mushroom Council, a US-based organization of fresh mushroom producers. (jes/kes)