7 harsh truths about weight loss that every woman should know

You've probably heard that losing weight and keeping the new weight off is difficult. However, understanding why will help you achieve your goal.

Face these facts - every woman who wants to get slimmer should know them.

Truth one: your body is working against you

As studies show, weight loss leads to lower levels of leptin, the hormone responsible for feelings of satiety, and the production of more ghrelin, which stimulates feelings of hunger. In other words, don't you think: as you lose weight, you feel more hungry, which makes it harder and harder to stick to your diet.

Truth two: there are no easy solutions

Prescription weight loss drugs are expensive, can have unpleasant side effects, and are not suitable for everyone. Extreme diets harm your metabolism and lead to weight gain in the long run. Prepare to be patient and follow the medical rule that it's normal to lose no more than 0.5% of your weight per week.

7 harsh truths about weight loss that every woman should know 1

Truth three: exercise alone won't do the trick

You can exercise intensely for an hour and then get back all the calories you spent by eating one protein bar. You can't lose weight without changing your diet - you'll have to limit the amount of food you eat and give up certain foods - like ultra-processed foods.

Truth four: supplements don't work

Promises that one little capsule will change your metabolism are always false: a review of 1,700 studies of supplements and alternative treatments for obesity found that there is no conclusive evidence that they help you lose weight.

Truth five: there is no such thing as a diet that fits everyone

Your body is unique: what worked for your friend, coworker, or sister may not work for you. You'll have to take the time to find an eating system that works in your case and that you can follow.

7 harsh truths about weight loss that every woman should know 2

Truth six: He will always eat more than you do

It's frustrating, unfair, and an objective fact: men can eat more than women and still lose weight. Firstly, their bodies are designed by nature with more muscles, and secondly, men do not need to have energy reserves designed to carry children.

Truth seven: not a diet, but a lifestyle

To change your weight, it is not enough to change your life for a while. The new behavioral strategy will have to be adhered to all the following years, otherwise you will regain the dropped pounds. So never use diets that you're not ready to make your diet permanent, and choose a type of fitness that you do for fun, not to lose weight.