Snacking is only good: here's how you can speed up weight loss

During weight loss, it often happens that the weight goes away for a while, and then stands still. This period of "stagnation" is called the plateau effect. How to overcome it, said fitness trainer Anthony J. Jung.

Firstly, the expert recommended increasing daily physical activity — walking the dog more often, cleaning more diligently, or, for example, going home by stairs rather than by elevator.

Secondly, you can gradually reduce your calorie intake — at least 250 kcal per day for a week. In case the weight has not started to decrease, the fitness guru has another tip in store:

Try taking a break and snacking on carbs to boost your leptin levels.

According to the trainer, this will help speed up metabolism and normalize the hormonal background of the body.

For greater effect, do not forget about training. According to the Eat This, Not That portal, the specialist advised to allocate at least 300 minutes a week to sports, or about 40 minutes a day.