Reasons for Coleen Nolan weight loss diet

The 56-year-old TV representer came back to the show Loose Women and told her colleagues Ruth Langsford, Janet Street-Porter and Brenda Edwards the reason for vegan diet weight loss. Also she says, that she feels better now than ever. And the woman doesn't plan to stop her way. Coleen said that she has trained her taste buds and loves eating chocolate and dairy. And it's surprisingly even to the star. Coolen Nolan vegan diet is good and useful for her health and wellness, as she thinks.

The main reason for vegan diet weight loss

The main reason for vegan diet weight loss

Coleen Nolan emphasizes, that she never wanted to ho on a diet. It's all because she's done a lot of things in her past and it worked and was brilliant. But the woman could never keep it all going. At first it was hard to keep on diet, she felt tired and always wanted to sleep while it was lockdown. But when the time passed, she felt much better and full of energy. Daughter encouraged Colеen to keep to vegan diet plan and watch the result.

The star also said, that the reason for Coleеn Nolan diet is the cancer diagnosis of her both sisters, Anne and Linda, and the diabets, that runs all her family. The woman believes that her diet can help her avoid these desease in future and tries not to stop her experiment.

After the family heard the news about cancer, they all were shocked and Coleеn rethinked her lifestyle and food choices. So it was the moment, when she decided to change all her habits.

She also added, that added she never weighted herself. And when vegan diet for weight loss started to work she felt much better. It was the best feeling than ever before. The woman believes that the vegan diet plan can help her to improve her health and avoid such diseases as cancer and diabetes.

Her colleagues said that she looked wonderful and wouldn't stop this way of life.

The sisters diagnosis

The sister's diagnosis

Coleеn's family had a sad experience in battling with breast cancer of her another sister Bernie. The result was not good and she died in the age of 52 after the 3-year fight. But in some time her both sisters, Anne and Linda, heard about their diagnosis. The first sufferes from breast cancer, she is 70 years old now. The second sister treats for the secondary cancer which spread from her hips to the liver. Now she is 62. They both underwent a chemotherapy during the lockdown. It wasthe time, when nobody couldn't visit them in the hospital, because of the pandemic. Anne and Linda were all alone without the support. Also Coleеn added that her sisters were afraid of cancer after Bernie's death.

The star doesn't want to hear this diagnosis one day and finds ways to protect herself. She knows that her vegan diet weight loss can stop the process of cancer development in her body. She tries to support her sisters and believes that they will fight the disease. Coleеn Nolan weight loss diet gets better results and the whole country will follow her changes. So we wish the star not to stop and just keep on working for her health and safety.

Reasons for Coleen Nolan weight loss diet