Incredible Transformation Of Amanda Mealing

Amanda Mealing was born on April 22, 1967 in London. She was the youngest of four children. She was adopted and though, she had a loving family, she always had a fear that she would never be fitted in family. She is an actress and director. She has been married to Richard Sainsbury in 1998. They together have two children. The actress has many awards and she also presented an award at event, which was hosted by Ore Oduba. When she arrived on stage with an incredible, beautiful glittering dress, she was perfect. She changed even her hair and it was little surprising for those who used to see her in short brunette style. Though she is 51 years old, she looks stunning, beautiful and really very hot. On September 26, she attended red carpet and shocked everybody with her stunning and perfect look after many health difficulties, which she had.

Thin Amanda Mealing weight loss

Why is Amanda Mealing so thin?

Fans of Amanda Mealing asked the same question rather often: "Is Amanda Mealing ill?" as that period of time she looked not well. She lost much weight and people started to think that something was wrong with their loving actress. However, the actress proved everybody that she was well. Amanda Mealing shocked BBC viewers when she appeared in public with eye-catching transformation. Everybody was shocked how she overcame difficulties concerning her health.

Amanda Mealing was ill with breast cancer in August of 2002 year, after the birth of her second son. After surgery recovery period and after an interval from acting, she has now well after rather long period of recovery. Now she looks wonderful. She made great speech saying that she was very happy that more and more people could overcome breast cancer. During the surgery, for her breast reconstruction doctors utilized a skin graft from her stomach. That is why, Amanda Mealing weight loss noticeably.

The fans of actress was very proud of her, how she overcame those difficulties, how she passed through it in a short time. Though she wears a wig but she is recognizable and looks very beautiful with those blonde hair. She told that when the medical treatment had finished it was not the end. After that, the most difficult period began. It was emotional and psychological battle. It was very hard for her to pass through it. However, she did and did very well.

Amanda Mealing does many charities and helps many people around the whole world, who has cancer and breast cancer illness. In her speech, she thanked everybody who gave a helping hand to her to overcome the illness. Now, it is her turn to give them back. She proved to the whole world that the illness cannot win and people must be strong, surrounded with loving people, with family, in order to overcome the illness. She encourages and helps many people who have cancer around the whole world. Now, she looks very beautiful and she publishes and shares her photos with her Instagram followers and with her thousands of fans. She is proud of how she looks now.