How Did Claire Richards From Steps Lose Weight?

Do you doubt that you will be able to lose weight? On a personal example showed the famous star Claire Richards, how could Claire from steps and keep the weight off.

Everyone knows the singer from the pop group Steps Claire Richards. Great news for fans, the girl has released her debut album My Wildest Dreams. You want to ask, when?Last fall 2 November 2018.

Two years ago, the girl lost size six. You want to ask how Claire Richards weight loss and how did she manage?

We learned from Lorraine Kelly that Claire wanted to lose weight because she wanted to have a baby, but it didn't work out.

Lorraine said: "You know how hard it is to be a star, how to take care of yourself. It was very hard Claire Richards first steps, but you see the result.

We asked the singer personally, but to get pregnant you had to lose weight? But you wanted to lose weight for a special reason, you wanted to have another baby.”

Claire replied, "Yes, we really wanted a baby.”You want to ask how did Claire from steps lose weight and become much more attractive?

Many ask how did Claire from steps lose her weight, Claire told truth, that it managed to lose weight, because regularly analyzed sports and was yo-yo Dieter in for many years.

The girl lost and gained from four to six kilograms until she changed her lifestyle.

She could gain and immediately lose about 16 kilograms, so there were fluctuations in weight.

As a result, the girl has achieved a great result. She was able to lose weight. And most importantly, was able to hold him. You ask, how did Claire from steps lose all her weight, what do you need to do for this?

Claire Richards from steps before lose her weight

Claire Richards from steps before lose her weight

The girl told how Claire from steps diet, Claire watches her diet, eats small portions.

She counts calories every day. About 1500 calories a day. What she eats? Mostly yogurt, fruit, tomato and mozzarella salad, chicken, vegetables.

However, there are exceptions when she can treat herself and her son with delicious ice cream.

If it's been a hard day, she's allowed herself a glass of wine.

Four years ago, Claire told the well-known magazine Essentials, Claire from steps now: "before it was all about what the food tasted like – I could never stop the amount of food I ate and really folded my plate, I would have finished every SIP!

"It was the amount of food I would eat. If we had takeaway food, I just wouldn't know when to stop.

“But I stopped doing it, stopped eating until I vomited. Now I take the smaller plate and hope there will be healthier options.”Now Claire told from steps gastric band - this is a pretty effective method.

By the way, Claire loves to walk in the fresh air. The girl remembers what she was, Claire from steps fat and thin - it is now she does not suffer about it.

She said, “I want to run after my children in peace, not suffer. The main thing is proper nutrition and physical effort.This is where does Claire from steps live has become slim.

The girl says, Claire from steps: "in the Morning I was almost in agony down the stairs, because my ankles were very sore.”

Claire Richards from steps now after lose all her weight

Claire Richards from steps now after lose all her weight

The 41-year-old woman told how Claire Richards weight loss and how she was dissuaded from participating because of the weight she lost. "It was a time when I had just lost weight, but they didn't realize that I had lost weight," she explained. - They probably wanted me to be fat, it was an excuse that I came back that I was too thin."

Admitted Claire from steps:"When I lost weight, the fans come up to me and say that inspired them. That's so good to hear."