Can You Lose Weight Using a Leek Diet?

Very often, the release of the next season of the popular TV series raises a wave of new trends. These could be new trends in hairstyles and makeup, clothing and food. So, with the release of the second season of Emily in Paris, a new trend in healthy eating has appeared - a diet based on leek soup. However, is this really real slimming food? Yes, such a soup really exists, it is quite popular in France, and it is often eaten by people leading a healthy lifestyle and trying to lose weight. But how effective is to use leek soup for weight loss?

Of course, the series has not been without elements of the show. Leek soup is a very famous dish and there are dozens of ways to make it. The recipe that Emily recommends to introduce Americans to French cuisine is as simple as possible. This is just a vegetable broth made from leeks, which is taken as a diet food.

The recipe on the show is simple - you should take as many as two pounds of leeks and a fairly large saucepan. The leeks should be thoroughly washed and halved. The main part of the green leaves will go for cutting greens, but the white and very little green should be thrown into a saucepan of water, brought to a boil and cooked for no more than 30 minutes. Now the leek is ready, it remains to season it with lemon juice and olive oil. You can add seasoning or sprinkle with chopped herbs to taste.

But this idea is by no means new - back in the early 2000s, Mireille Galliano's book “French women don’t get fat” was published, which immediately became a bestseller. Literally a few years later, she was filmed. It just tells how French women manage to stay slim and graceful, despite the fact that their food is very high in saturated fat. And this book also mentions the miraculous leek soup as one of the fabulous weight loss remedies.

However, according to qualified nutritionists, the method recommended in the film - two days on leek soup alone - is also a nutritional deviation and cannot be recommended by professionals. It's just one of the clichés. But the whole question here again - in a strict calorie restriction. Leek soup contains minimal amounts of them. So this is just one of the dishes of the classic method of losing weight - minimizing the calories in food.

So what's the secret to the magic of leek soup for weight loss? It's just that French women simply do not discuss their diets - this is not accepted here. In French society, there is also stigmatization of overweight people, here it is even stronger than in the United States - but in France it is not customary to discuss this. So the magic soup is just diet gimmicks. However, most often they are presented as a path to moderation and a healthy lifestyle. But in fact, instead of leeks, this soup can contain any low-calorie food - it's just a tough diet. It is just a leek water for weight loss due to low calories diet. But they don't talk about it out loud in France. On the other hand, you can make a really delicious soup from leeks. Try it - and include it in your diet. It's tasty.