Brooks Koepka Weight Loss

There are lots of attention of the world’s press and the funs when something extraordinary happens to famous sportsmen and celebrities as a whole. Brooks Koepka is not an exception as the American professional golf player who has become the world’s number one in 2018 is now under enormous scrutiny from the mainstream media. Here is what stands behind the attention that is turned to the player who performs in PGA tour.

Koepka has always been one of the biggest and perhaps one of the fittest players that were performing in the golf PGA tour. One many occasions, it was him who made the references of how much weight he can lift in a gym and that it is really contributed well to his success as well as three major championship wins. However, most recently the player has becomes surprisingly slimmer and Koepka weight lost was as much as 20 pounds t in a very short period of time. One of the television presenters has branded it as “The most reckless self-sabotage that has ever been seen”. Indeed, sudden physical changes that happen to sport stars are immediately noticeable and what fascinates the outside observers the most is the fact of whether after such changes the success can be sustainable?

The prove to that was the fact that most recently Koepka was suffering with showcasing decent results that placed him way ahead of the others in the past and it was Brooks Koepka weight lost that was blames for his lackluster performance. The player really struggled with short distances 10-12 yards and his result were very poor, which many argued was the result of his dramatic weight loss. Despite the loss of form he most recently produced some staggering performance in Australia, where he really was lighting out and did his job brilliantly. If cause, it was a great chance to hit back at the critics and justify his relatively poor results and the loss of weight overall.

Brooks Koepka before weight loss

The player was in a very good mood and laughably confirmed that he still lifts the weight in the gym all the times just like he used to do in the past. It was also refereed that the loss of weight was not something that was responsible for his poor results of the most recent past and he enjoys what he does very much. It is apparent that Brooks Koepka before weight loss clearly was regarded as one of the strongest men in the sports, so this is what he confirmed by himself by also referring to the fact that he is small and being too big is not the right thing. The man feels very happy and enjoys what he does very much because it works as well as Koepka does not care what critics say about the matter.

The difference in appearance that happened to the player is astonishing. It looks as though there are completely two different individuals when it is looked at Brooks Koepka weight loss photo before and after. Meanwhile the player is concentrated on his game and his long –term goals, so no matter what is the issue that journalists came up with and what they pay attention to. Koepka has a very important mission to concentrate on, which is to win his fourth championship and perhaps the rumors of what stand behind his weight loss will contribute to forgetting of his poor results of the most recent past.

Brooks Koepka weight loss photo