Are You Making This Huge Weight Loss Mistake?

"Torch 800 calories in 60 minutes!" "Congratulations, you just burned 500 calories!" For some women, these achievements are the most motivating for running on a treadmill or jumping rope. The goal is to burn calories equivalent of eaten Big Mac.

However, by following the goal, calculating calories at loads (whether at home or in a fitness club), you risk gaining weight, which completely contradicts your goals! Few people know that the trackers of calories overcharge calories burned. As a result, you deceive yourself, thinking that you have achieved your goal.

Bad Calorie Math

For example, a new study published in the Journal of Personalized Medicine reveals popular fitness trackers, including the Apple Watch and MIO Alpha 2, can be significantly off in their calorie estimations as often as 93 percent of the time. Each fitness tracker utilizes its own proprietary algorithm to calculate calories burned, according to Stanford Medical Center, which doesn’t always jibe with the individual wearing it, researchers say.

The fact is that trackers are "trained" by professional instructors, and their training in performing any exercises is much more effective than any buyer of a tracker of calories in the store.

In fact, it's not even professionalism! Even with the same load, the result of losing weight can differ in different periods of time. The result of losing weight and calories burned depends on nutrition, quality of rest and sleep last night.

Your No-Math Solution to Weight-Loss

Know the number of calories burned - not the purpose of your exercise and physical exertion!

If your goal is to squeeze 600 calories in order to immediately go and eat 600 calories in the nearest diner - you will find the strongest disappointment in your real goal to lose weight!

So instead of relying on a likely-inaccurate number to tell you how much you can eat, trust your body’s built-in calorie counter: your hunger cues, recommends Denver-based registered dietitian Kendra Glassman, R.D.

Listen to your body, because only a sense of hunger will tell you when you want to eat and its absence - you should not eat. You will naturally lose weight by burning fat stored in calories. Listen to the feeling of hunger!