Adele and her incredible history of weight loss

Recently Adele posted her remarkable photo on Instagram wishing all workers good health during the quarantine. However, Adele's weight loss in spite of coronavirus in 2020 was a mystery for many fans. Moreover, Adele broke up with her husband in 2019 and no one expected any changes in her shape. Her motivation was to keep her voice at the best condition and to look fit and slim. We will try to analyze how did Adele overcome this huge challenge.

Singer Adele before and after weight loss pics

Slim Adele before and after weight loss

How did Adele lose weight?

Overall, the singer has lost approximately 7st. The reason was Sirtfood diet and individual trainings with a personal coach on a daily basis. Mainly, her diet eliminated processed and toxic food. All photos and videos of singer Adele demonstrate the beauty and importance of her weight loss. First of all, Adele has restricted herself from ten cups of tea with sugar per day. Besides, she cut out alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes. Many people attribute Adele's transformation to 2020, though her weight loss started four years before. The singer admits that she noticed changes in her we

ight in 2016 when she began to change her lifestyle.

Transformation Adele weight loss 2020

Adele's diet plan 2020

Now, it is necessary to take a closer look at Sirtfood diet. To achieve this, the singer Adele refrained from various types of food that she liked before the whole process and was obviously thinking to start consuming after the end of diet. Speaking of Sirtfood diet, many food from the list contain sirtuin activators in big amount. The main purpose of these activators is to surpress the appetite, controlling the level of sugar and fat. The diet itself was recommended to Adele by her trainer, Pete Geracimo, who also composed her fitness plan. The cornerstone products of this diet were green tea, cocoa powder, kale and buckwheat. Adele's close friends reported to find her consuming these types of food several times. Although Adele was allowed to have red wine and cheese, she was permitted for only 1000 callories per day. The discipline was the key to her success, though this diet look like the miracle.

Adele and her incredible history of weight loss

Did Adele have weight loss surgery?

Her true fans are still wondering how did Adele lose all her weight and suspect the surgery. The main reason of her new shape were only fitness plan, Sirtfood diet and nothing else. One of her main activities was reformer pilates. To improve her body, she visited the sessions of this pilates with her good friends. Adele was doing particular moves and activities on special machine. The reformer pilates has really affected her balance, flexibility and posture. Thos, who wonder how did Adele lose weight, should spend one day with the singer to understand the concept. Adele's weight loss plan also included gym sessions. Many witnesses report that Adele was working hard several times per week. While many skeptics put forward different theories about Adele's weight loss surgery, she was constantly working on her health and body. However, Adele recognizes happiness as the main factor in our life and admits that people should always be happy with their look.

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