Emily Simpson goes on, Emily Simpson weight loss 2020!

Ноw we live today – we should be slim. Housewives, every woman, we can make our body ourselves with the help of professionals and girls, like the Real Housewives of Orange County star Emily Simpson. She is 44-year old, mother of three children. She started in 2019 and lost 16 pounds during the start-up phase. “Body fat percentage 10% lower”.She posted her weight loss photos in Instagram and wrote a lot about her battle. She is proud of herself - "It’s been a JOURNEY to get to this point right here. Ups and downs. Gains and losses.” Real women, housewives of OC, lose weight on RHOC!

Emily Simpson says, her first step was @paulinasteien. Every mom knows, how difficult is your life, you are not a princess at all)) But she is wright! "Make today that day. A year from now will pass by regardless. Might as well make it your healthiest yet."

Emily Simpson weight loss photos

Many people ask, did Emily lose weight on RHOC just owing to fitness.

She started in November 2019. Emily did it with Paulina Fitness. Emily revealed on her Instagram - “I still have more to go but I’m enjoying the journey! I was in chronic pain, I was depressed and I weighed more [than] I ever have in my whole life! I reached out to @paulinastein and asked her for her help. I had no idea where to start. I felt lost.”

Emily says, that Paulina helped her to change her life, to be healthier, to set good for her kids and family. And first of all, to be pretty for herself. She tells, that not only her appearance changed, she changed mentally. Emily is a RHOCs star from 2018, and at that time she was fighting for body-positive. "I will take the criticism and be the voice for all the women out there that feel inadequate because they don’t fit someone’s ridiculous standard of beauty. Be strong. Be proud. Be confident. I got you."

Emily Simpson posted in Instagram her weight loss photos in leggings and top, so her 378,000 followers could see and discuss, how her body changes. She also published her very sexy photo on the beach, in a black one-piece.

Emily Simpson weight loss photos 2020

It’s not very important, how much did Emily weight on RHOC, if we can see such brighting photos today.

Totally Emily lost 30lbsduring the last year and posted before-and-after photos. "I never wanted to show these photos publicly because Im ashamed of where I let myself get, but here I am showing my transformation because I want to be transparent with you all". She also removed her breast implants, which she put four years ago, and wrote in Instagram – “Sporting my real boobs! No implant…Thank you @drsiamakagha for the removal and lift”.And the same day the tummy tuck was made. Emily says, that she removed her breast implants “for health reasons”. So Emily Simpson decided to have a new healthy life – “beauty through the health”.

Emily Simpson rhoc weight loss

All of Emily”s followers want to know – Is Emily still married to Shane, and do they love each other. Such a beautiful, bright women tells herself about her hasband.

Emily and Shane Simpson have been married since 2009. “He’s a jerk. He’s being a d—k. Like, I get it. I’m not trying to make excuses for him, but I see a side of him that other people don’t get to see, so I think that’s what makes up for it.” – Emily said in October 2019. “Like, I know it sounds awful but I’m the one who goes home with him at night when we’re alone, and he says nice things, and he gets me cards, and he writes nice things to me.” On her Instagram Emily not often posts Shane”s photos, that”s why many followers are interested, if Emily is still married to Shane. Probably Emily Simpson is ready to open her own struggle for beauty and health, and she doesn”t want to let everybody into her family.

Emily Simpson weight loss 2020