7 Pleasant Ways to Burn 100 Calories Without Sports

In just 20 minutes you will improve your mood and become slimmer

Spring is the perfect time to put your figure in order. Getting rid of the pounds gained over the winter is much easier than it seems. Nutritionists advise to include more vegetables in the diet, get used to drinking clean water, and pleasant activities will help you lose weight. Instead of push-ups and jumps, so disliked by many, do everyday things. It turns out that this is no less effective.

Take a bath

After a difficult day, lie down in warm water with fragrant salt, turn on your favorite music or read. Just half an hour of such relaxation allows, according to experts, to get rid of 130 calories. And the skin will become softer and softer.

Disassemble the wardrobe

Cleaning closets is a pleasant thing, you can try on your favorite outfits, come up with new images and show off at the mirror. And in just half an hour of this class, it will burn up to 120 calories. Double benefit: the figure is slimmer, and the closets are in perfect order.

Do the styling

While drying the hair, you have to raise your hands, twist your head, bend over. It's almost fitness! During the styling of medium-length hair, you can lose about 100 calories.


Even those who hate sports usually enjoy dancing. During the time, a huge amount of hormones of happiness is released, so just turn on your favorite music and dance for your pleasure, imagining yourself as Shakira, Natalia Oreiro or yourself at a fashionable party. In just 20 minutes of active dancing, you will burn 100 calories and noticeably improve your mood.

Take a walk

Hiking is the only way of activity recommended to absolutely everyone. There are more and more sunny days, the asphalt is drying up, birds are singing — enjoy the spring by walking around the city. In 20 minutes you will burn 100 calories, strengthen your heart and joints, lift your mood and normalize blood sugar levels.

Prepare dinner

Do not limit yourself to simple dishes, please your loved ones on a day off with delicious pastries, an interesting dessert, an unusual salad. During the preparation of a three-course meal, you will spend at least 100 calories.

Play with the dog

If you have a pet, pay more attention to it: play with the ball, train the dog, hug, tug of war. For a pet, such a load will be an excellent educational activity, and you will burn even more than 100 calories in 20 minutes.