Transformation Tuesday: 5 Essential Workouts To Speed Up Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss is a tricky business when it comes to restricting it only to food refrainment. If you start restricting your diet and think that it will help your weight loss process then it will take more than the usual time to get to the desired shape you want.

There has to be inclusion of workout and exercise to get what you want – in all honesty it has to be 60 per cent food and dietary part that helps the weight loss and the rest has to be the continuous and unperturbed workout sessions.

Yes Yoga can help but only to a limit, post that you need to let your body swing with the heavy doses of workouts. Here are the top 5 workout that you must do in order to get to your desired weight quickly.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jack is one of the easiest exercises that is known to increase your metabolism rate and help you lose weight quickly. The more you sweat the better it is for your body. This will set the tone for more exercises to come.

High Knees

For this you need to pull your legs high up until you start panting. Start jumping at one place in a manner that makes you look like you’re running. This shakes your entire body and helps you gain your metabolism.

Push Ups

The classic exercise, pushups, are here to ensures that your upper body is exhausted to a point that you feel loosen up. This exercise helps you build your biceps and triceps and lose fat from your chest area.

Abdominal Crunches

Abdominal Crunches puts pressure on your abdominal area and makes sure that the belly fat bears all the pressure of the workout.

Walking Lunge and rotation

One of the best exercises that stretches your thigh muscles and also helps you lose fat from your lower abdominal.

Note 1: Preform each exercise for a minute and then take a rest of 15 seconds. Once you’re done with all the exercises, repeat the entire process for three times.

Note: Before and after every exercise session, one needs to do stretching to loosen up the muscles to avoid any sort of cramps.