Natural Way To Get Rid Of Extra Pounds Which Is Simpler And Much Less Expensive!

Last month the National Association of Nutritionists filed a lawsuit against Emma Peterson, claiming that after her appearance on TV with her story of dramatic weight loss after giving birth, the number of people willing to use the services of nutritionists and fitness clubs plummeted several-fold. The trial finished a few days ago. Looking ahead, we'll tell you that Emma has won. We asked her to share the details with us.

Emma, could you tell us how it all started?

It all started a few months ago, when I appeared in a TV talk show and shared my story of quick weight loss after pregnancy. I also mentioned then that I had never visited gyms or used the services of dietitians before. I recommended to avoid them, because there is a natural way to get rid of extra pounds which is simpler and much less expensive. A week after the show was aired, I received a letter from the National Association of Nutritionists demanding me to go live on TV again and take back my words.

Naturally, I did not do that, because my previous comments contained no defamatory or libelous information. And if they suffered because people have learnt how to lose weight without doctors or personal trainers and basically without spending a fortune on getting a perfect shape, then it's not my problem. After all, there are many natural ways of keeping your body in perfect condition out there!

What happened next?

They started calling me at my work. Writing to me on social media. They found my personal cell phone number and began calling and threatening me. I even had to change my number. It's terrible, l sure won't be able to forget it any time soon!

And then, all of a sudden, I was summoned to the court.

Were you surprised?

No, I was angry! These people are willing to do anything to keep robbing simple people! I asked a lawyer friend to go with me, but anyway I was sure I could win the case, because I had been telling the truth. And so it happened. One hearing, unfortunately, was not enough, and I had to appear in court two more times. But in the end the judge was on our side, and the plaintiff was forced to pay a fine for defamation and moral damages amounting to $250.

Tell us, what was all the fuss about?

It was due to the fact that I told the entire country that I had lost weight with the help of a new product. A friend of mine initially suggested it to me, insisting that I would quickly shed extra pounds and cleanse my body with its help. At first I didn't believe her, but after a month I was in total awe of its effect, I lost 26 lbs! In addition, I started feeling better, I was full of energy. Believe it or not, but I even got rid of the acne that had tortured me for many years. After using this product, I look absolutely stunning! How could I not share this with everyone?

Is this product expensive and hard to get?

No, and again no! Compared to the amount of money you have to pay a personal dietitian or a personal trainer, this product costs next to nothing. And it is quite possible to get it. The thing is, it is only sold online and should be ordered through the official website.

Thank you for an interesting interview! Would you like to wish something to our readers?

And thank you! First of all, there is something I would like to wish to the female audience of this magazine: do not listen to pseudo-professionals, the only thing they are interested in is your money! Dieting and exercising are not suitable for everyone, and their effect is short-lived. It is now possible to lose weight effortlessly, without causing harm to your health.